Physical Exams

Employment Physical

Many companies require associates to pass an employment physical exam to determine their capacity to safely perform a job. Some companies even require pre-employment physical exams before hire. WorkHealth specializes in performing work-related physical examinations and can help you make sure you have completed the proper evaluations for certification.

We will also develop a plan for patients who do not pass certain requirements to improve their health in hopes of passing at a later date.

Here are the steps to take to make your exam smoother:

  • Either the worker or the employer should call PCOLI at 631-957-2200 to schedule an appointment at one of our centers.

  • Each employer has their own custom form that needs to be filled out. So bring the form from your employer to the exam.

  • Plan to arrive about 15 minutes before your appointment. You will have some preliminary paper work and a medical history form to complete upon arrival.

  • Bring your photo ID to your appointment.

  • Plan for your appointment to take 45-60 minutes.

  • A Physician or Certified Physician Assitant will perform your examination.

  • The findings from your exam will be sent to your employer and provided to you upon request.

  • Some testing that may be part of your physical exam may need to be sent out for results and interpretation. PCOLI will call you if any test results fall out of range or are found to be abnormal.